About Me

About Me

Hey hey hey! Welcome to Mommy Means A Latte. Thanks for stopping by!

I created this blog out of the desire to share the overwhelming flow of emotions, thoughts, and chaos I experience on a regular basis being a working, single, mom of two (and a dog). I’ll dive into motherhood as a whole, dating/relationships, and share any tips I have for navigating life and being a mom. I want to share my journey with you, with the hopes of giving you a reason to laugh with me (or at me), cry, and most importantly, get up every morning ready to parent the f*ck out of your children.

So you may be curious as to what Mommy Means A Latte and my tagline “Motherhood: Best served lukewarm” means. Well, anyone that knows me knows I love my coffee almost as much as I love my children. Of course, I love my children a latte – get it?! Anywho, I wake up desiring a HOT cup of coffee. So, of course, I have to satisfy that craving. Ninja brew, here I come!

Any mom that loves hot coffee can probably relate – the kids get up, she gets caught up dealing with them and by the time she gets back to her cup (which by the way – she needs in order to stay SANE) it’s room temp, if not cold! And that, my friends, is why my journey of motherhood is best served lukewarm. I’m not the best mom and I’m not the worst mom. I’m just in the middle, doing as best as I can.

My family consists of myself and my three boys: 9-year-old Jayden, 2.5-year-old Jaxson, and our 1.5-year-old Goldendoodle, Pope. As for me, I am 34 years young: tattooed, selfie-loving, working woman, daughter, and friend. My sons have different dads and I ended up with neither. I have the mouth of a sailor (which you will see throughout this site, so please, don’t take offense) but with a heart of platinum. I thrive on caffeine, Target runs, and Amazon Prime.

While this blog targets other mothers, I hope those of you who are childless, enjoy traveling, sleeping in late, and leaving work to go to happy hours. Once you bring a mini version of you into this world, all of that ‘do as you want’ s*it goes out the door. So perhaps this blog will be the best form of birth control for you 😉 In all seriousness, my only hope is that anyone reading this can take something away from it. Don’t expect my posts to be politically correct. Motherhood is chaotic, exciting, scary, exhausting (oh, so exhausting), yet so very rewarding.

Feel free to browse through it and leave me comments, I would love to chat with you! Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe!