COVID-19 Quarantine Season 2: Fun in the Sun

COVID-19 Quarantine Season 2: Fun in the Sun

COVID-19: Biggest game of cooties ever

Long Time No Write

It’s been a while since I’ve written – a bit over a month, actually.

I just haven’t had the inspiration or energy to write and that’s okay, right? But I felt like it was time and what better time to write than now since we are officially in season 2 of quarantine (Summer). In my opinion, we’re more than likely going to go through (4) seasons of this mess 😩 I was fine in the beginning, confident even. But now, I’m a bit more worried. 

I watch the news and scroll through social media and I’m so disappointed to see how many people are failing to follow the simple rules of wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing, and not gathering in large crowds. Whether or not you believe it is a hoax, why take the risk?!? People are dying at a faster rate. We see States reopen and now we see them closing because cases are increasing as we embark on a new season 😲

Closer to Home

For me, I had my share of anxiety-filled social outing fun when I went to Washington, D.C and Virginia with some friends about a month ago and was overwhelmed by the number of people out (and not wearing masks). It was just another reminder that we are not ready.

Then, recently, my youngest was exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19. Let me tell you, the anxiety that comes with excessively praying for your young child’s health – it’s enough to drive a mama (more) batsh*t crazy! Fortunately, we got through it!

Fun fact: just because your test comes back negative doesn’t mean you don’t have the virus. It just means the virus wasn’t detected at the time your test was taken, or it was a false negative. You could be asymptomatic (like most of us) and should wait out the full 14 days in self-quarantine before going around others again. 

Summer Fun Ideas

That said, I wanted to share some of the fun my kids and I have been having while in quarantine. We’ve had to get creative because taking them to the pool or the playground (or anywhere where social distancing isn’t possible) is still a big no for me. I have my opinion on what is going on with this virus, but let’s just stick with my listicle for now.

Night dance parties

Glowsticks are optional, but highly recommended if you want to spice it up! If you haven’t had a chance to watch the hilarious video of my kids’ neon dancing, do yourself a favor and head over to my Insta @bellabonita_me 😂  Even the dog (involuntarily) joined in! You’ll see the full vide under my IGTV. The experience was so enjoyable for them that now my youngest asks me on a regular basis to have a dance party with glowsticks 🤪

Water Fun

So far, the Summer days have been hot AF for no reason 🥵  Because I prefer trapping my kids in the [fenced] backyard than sitting outside in the front to monitor them, I purchased an expandable 50-foot hose from Amazon to run from the front to the back so they could play in the sprinkler.

Pet pool, anyone?

Okay, so the sprinkler is cool and all, but why not take it one step further and purchase a pool meant for pets and turn it into a pool used for kids? 🤔  It assembles in seconds and is collapsible so you don’t have to worry about deflating it every time when you have nowhere to store it after the fun is over.

Virtual art classes/DIY kits

My oldest is taking a virtual art class with a local business called Abrakadoodle. 🎨  They meet 5 days a week for one hour a day. I’ve really enjoyed seeing what projects they do (this is free advertising, btw). I just really like what they have to offer!

I also purchased their age-appropriate DIY kit for my 3-year-old to do. God forbid, he sees someone else doing anything without him. FOMO, much?


As many as possible. These are considered fun, right? 😴

Uno Flip

Many competitive games of Uno Flip. Lots of yelling. Lots of laughter. I get really salty when I lose, but I’m the House so shouldn’t I always win?! 🤷🏽‍♀️

Indoor tents and movie nights 

The kids love making a tent out of the chairs and blankets and watching a movie 🎥  Don’t forget the popcorn! It’s always entertaining to watch them argue over what to watch. Admittingly, I’ve resorted to purchasing a few of the $20 $19.99 new movies that Verizon offers through On Demand. It’s cheaper and easier to wrangle the kids to the living room than to a movie theater. $20 for a movie in the comfort of my own home with unlimited snacks and drinks? Not to mention, access to beer and liquor?? I say win-win.

Walk it out

Up until I sprained my ankle trying to be a runner, I was taking walks with the kids every day🚶🏽‍♀️ While this may not constitute actual fun for them, it got us out of the house. We always spot lots of geese, ducks, turtles, and the occasional blue heron!

The fun part is trying to find ways to maneuver the stroller around geese sh*t while trying not to catch their attention. I’d rather not be attacked by geese! 

More to Come

Summer is just getting started. I’m open to other ideas that will allow us to enjoy the Summer while doing our part to flatten the curve. What have you been up to? Share below!