Dinner time blues….

Dinner time blues….

Day 32856028950 in quarantine πŸ˜”

I guess I’m going to ride this wave and write, yet another, post about COVID-19 quarantine πŸ„πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸŒŠ

One thing’s for sure – I’m going to be elated when the restrictions are lifted!!


In the meantime, I’m stuck in the house, pondering probably some of the most frequently asked questions in households across America:

  • “What’s for dinner?”
  • “Do I want to cook?”
  • “Do I have to cook?”
  • “Am I actually hungry or am I just eating my feelings at this point?”
  • “Should I do carryout or delivery?”
  • “Do I have to feed my kids? I probably should feed my kids”
  • “Should I eat these leftovers? I hate leftovers”Β 
  • “Should I starve? If I do, I’ll have a flat tummy in the morning”
  • “What’s more important – eating or feeling skinny?”

Okay, okay, those last two questions are more personal to me πŸ˜†

And if you have kids, these questions are probably even more redundant.

Like lots of y’all, when I first got wind that we were going into quarantine, I immediately went and stocked up on food and more food. I didn’t buy fifty ‘leven packs of toilet paper, but my pantry’s full of snacks! 🍿πŸͺ🍫

I spent hundreds of dollars on groceries I’d assume would hold me and my two boys over for at least a month or so. Yet, somehow, I, more often than not, still don’t know what I want for dinner. I think it’s because my brain’s always fried after a long day of teleworking. Or perhaps I’m getting lazier the more time I spend under restriction. I also have a tendency to forget to take out my frozen meat to thaw out so it’s ready by dinner time. Whatever the reason, my go-to in response to my negligence to plan has been eating out.Β 


What sucks about the quarantine is that we can’t easily indulge in our favorite restaurants. With many of the restaurants closed or on limited hours/restricted menus, it’s hard to satiate my appetite when I do opt to eat out. I’m pretty much at the mercy of the usual suspects: pizza, Chinese, more pizza, Chipotle, and McDonald’s 🀨 

The other night I wanted Indian food – chicken tandoori and stuffed grape leaves to be exact. I knew exactly what I wanted. I contacted the restaurant and, much to my dismay, they were getting ready to close. Rejection #1 of the night. So I look up something else. This time – Japanese. I call the restaurant three times – no answer. Rejection #4.

I search Google for more “healthier” options. It was almost 9 PM by this point and everything I wanted was freaking closed**! Rejection #8745289 of the night. So I had to settle….for Chick-fil-A. I ended up getting their Cobb salad with chick-n-strips, which was actually A-MAZ-ING 🀀 Not my first choice but it got the job done.Β 

**Note: you have to go to the restaurant’s website to confirm their hours of operation. The information on Google is more than likely incorrect.Β Β 


Do you know what I miss most? Going to a restaurant, sitting at a table, and having someone wait on me. I know, I know. That probably sounds lazy, bougie, or whatever – but whatever. I know I’m not the only one who’s sick of cooking and sick of thinking about what to cook – just to end up eating eggs and waffles for dinner πŸ€ͺ Which, by the way, is a must in my house (breakfast for dinner once a week). Call it our “Taco Tuesday”.

I digress.

About a month ago there was a post on Facebook that said that my absolute favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Crofton (VN Noodle House) may have to close for good because folks were not frequenting it as much as they needed to in order for them to remain open. Do you know the power that lies behind a community? πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Once word got out, a ton of people starting ordering carry out on a regular basis because we didn’t want them to go out of business! Thanks to the frequent customers, business is doing well and I can rest easy knowing I can call them to satisfy my regular craving.Β 


That said, I have made it my personal mission to order carryout/delivery 1-2 times a week in an effort to support my local restaurants. In doing so, I feel like I’m doing my part to keep money on their books.

(Damn – that sounds like jail talk. πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ Well, I guess we are pretty much in jail at this point)

Anyways, a lot of the food delivery apps are offering incentives to customers. I use Grubhub the most since I usually get free delivery, which is nice because I really can’t justify paying $1,000 in delivery fees for a $15 meal. πŸ™…πŸ½β€β™€οΈ Lately, I’ve been getting $10 off when I spend more than $30 with a local restaurant, which is easy to do when I’m feeding myself and the kids.Β 

Oh, and I also make sure I give a better tip than usual to whoever delivered my food given that they are aiding me in my laziness by bringing me food risking their health to provide a service to us. It’s really quite convenient and all of the deliveries are contactless. If you have the funds to spare, I strongly encourage you [to continue] to support your local businesses. After all, this craziness WILL end eventually and when it does, we want to make sure our local economies will still thrive.

So #stayhome #staysafe and, if you’re new to GrubHub, use my referral link. We’ll both get $5 off when you place your first order πŸ€‘

Happy eating!Β