Happy Veterans Day: A military wife’s story

Happy Veterans Day: A military wife’s story
This guest post was written by one of my dear and beautiful mommy friends, Kaye Kinnaird 💜 Follow her on IG: @allthingskaye

Can’t say he didn’t warn me! 

My husband told me years ago, “you marry me and you’re marrying ‘the Corps’”. I didn’t take him seriously back then at all, but man oh man do I get it now! To be completely honest, when my husband and I dated, I assumed he would get out of the military eventually. I thought, soon – he’ll get out soon.
I literally thought “yeaaah, he’s just doing this for now.” I didn’t think that he would be a “career Marine” and stay enlisted for the full 20 years. But now that he’s past the halfway point to retirement, I now understand that it would be foolish of him to get out now. I absolutely never saw myself as a “military wife”. Yet, it’s the life I’ve come to embrace.

Embracing the ebbs and flows

Quite honestly, I’ve developed a love-hate relationship with being a military wife. Being married to a Marine has been one tough, yet awesome experience. A true rollercoaster for sure. The deployments, long days at work, and week-long (sometimes month-long) field training that keep him away, suck! Majorly.
Here are my top 5 reasons why I dislike being a military wife:
  1. Relocating from coast to coast
    • It’s not easy to uproot yourself and your kids every 3 years to an unfamiliar location. You face challenges like a lack of job opportunities and having no friends or family. That job opening at the hospital? EVERYONE is applying for it, sis.
  2. Never being able to plan ahead
    • Date nights, family vacations, and going home for the holidays are just some of the things that can and will get cancelled. While it sucks, it’s inevitable.
  3. Burying yourself in your husband’s job
    • I’ve lost count of the many military spouses that I’ve met who have traded in their college degrees for volunteering in their husband’s unit or becoming a Scentsy independent consultant. No shade though. My house wouldn’t smell like aloe water and cucumber if it weren’t for y’all.
  4. Raising children in the military
    • Measuring your kids on that door frame watching the marks get higher over the years can’t happen when you move so often. Oh, and definitely brace yourself for the protesting and tears your kids give you when it’s time to move, yet again. Pregnant? Dad may or may not be present for the birth! It all depends on his schedule. The needs of the Marine Corps always come first.
  5. Having to make friends just to say “goodbye”
    • I’ve met some really amazing fellow military spouses along the way. Meeting up for lunch, exploring your current duty stations together, venting to each other over wine, and celebrating each other’s birthdays like you’ve been besties all your life becomes standard when you meet a special one! Only to have to say “goodbye” so soon 😢 (Here’s looking at you, Lee. Hey girl, hey! 👋🏾)

The silver lining

Sounds tough right? It is. Extremely tough. Who would sign up for this? *sigh* Most of us have absolutely no clue what we are getting ourselves into. It’s hard and so stressful being married to someone who is under a contract. However, pressure makes diamonds!
But, being a military wife has also been such a beautiful experience for me! I wouldn’t change it for anything else in this world. Honestly, the things I dislike about being a military wife also happen to be the things I love the most!

Through a different lens

  1. Relocating from coast to coast
    • I’ve gotten to see how beautiful our country is! If you’ve never driven across the country, please put it on your bucket list. There are so many amazing sights to see!
  2. Never being able to plan ahead
    • This has made me fully embrace spontaneity! Random explorations with hubby are way sexier than scheduled dinner dates.
  3. Burying yourself in your husband’s job
    • How many wives can say that they fired an M240 Bravo machine gun? Taking the time to bury my self in my husband’s job has been extremely life-changing. Truthfully, it has given me a new respect for what he does for not just our family but for you. Yes you, reading this. He protects our freedoms. It takes someone special to decide at their free will to protect and defend people they don’t know and will never meet. Hubby, thank you for your service! 🇺🇸
  4. Raising kids in the military
    • This makes for super resilient and respectful kids! Switching schools as often as they do makes them appreciate different types of people and adapt faster to changes. My oldest has such a broad view of the world and loves to take pictures in every new city he visits. He’s become quite the photographer too!
  5. Saying “goodbye” is really more like “see you later!”
    • It’s a small world in this here military life after all. Often times you are bound to run into a wife you’ve met at a previous base. It’s awesome knowing that you’ll possibly arrive having a friend there to welcome you 😊
That’s my take on the ups and downs of being a military wife. If you’re ready for a wild, emotional rollercoaster ride and you love a man in uniform, get yourself a military man! 😜